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Monday, September 29, 2008

When you sell, set your goal and then take ACTION

It's been said that knowledge and awareness is power. But, in my opinion knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge PLUS action is power, great power.

You see, the thing is, the information in this blog will NEVER work if you don't work it.

It's one thing to want to sell your own property, but quite another to actually set goals to make it happen. Moving from a "gonna-doer" to actually "doing it" means working towards goals in a conscious and dedicated manner.

If you set yourself up to expect success you will achieve success. It starts by telling yourselves that you can do it. It is about making things work rather than focusing on what you can't do and telling yourself you can't. The basic concept is really that simple, but extremely powerful.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Be patient and stay committed as you overcome each obstacle in the selling process

Every great athlete, businessperson, or great individual had to stretch and reach for his or her goals. They know that obstacles are a part of the goal achievement process and so they focus on succeeding rather than on what may be keeping them from succeeding.

It means overcoming hardships and setbacks, rather than giving up at the first sign of opposition or misfortune. Selling your own home is no different.

To do this you have got to be willing to take some calculated risks and be prepared to fall down from time to time. As kids we made mistakes all the time, that's how we learnt. However, as adults we have a thing called "pride" and we hate making mistakes.

Think of when you first learnt to ride a bike - you fell down, you got up, you fell down, you got up, and you kept getting up until you mastered it. You didn't give up. If one way didn't work you tried another way until you finally got the hang of it.

Obviously, with selling your own home you don't want to be trying forever. This manual will give you the helping hand you need, but you still need to be prepared to pick yourself up and move forward under your own steam.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Accept that you will make mistakes when you are selling or buying a house

With most new or big projects that you tackle, you will make mistakes. And when you look back on them, they'll seem so obvious because you've already made them.

Accept that you will make mistakes when selling your home- but the trick is to minimize them. This manual is designed to help you identify some of those potential mistakes in advance... before they happen. It will help you get the job done better and hopefully faster. By knowing potential mistakes upfront you'll have more confidence and control over the final outcome.

So, success doesn't necessarily go to the person who never makes a mistake. The fact is; those people tend to avoid risks at any cost. Rather, success tends to shine on those who recognize that life is basically a game of percentages. It isn't the making of mistakes that's so critical. What's really important is fixing them when they do happen, without losing site of objectives and goals.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home selling: Face your fears

So what stimulates that niggling little voice? What's stopping you from making that important decision to sell your property by yourself or with a real estate agent?

One of the most common answers is FEAR. Fear is the greatest single barrier to success in our personnel and professional lives. And this is not a selling myth. It is just there. The emotion of fear is intended to warn us of danger and to act as a cautionary tool.

Fear should make us stop and think before taking action. What fear shouldn't do is dictate the course of action we take.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

When you sell your home, be mentally prepared

Everyone, at some point in his or her existence has listened to their little voice cautioning them against following a certain action. If you frequently question what you do and think, and swerve away from making decisions, then you may be stopping yourself from reaching your fullest potential.

Selling your own property is precisely what I am talking about. Because it may come as a surprise to learn, that most of the problems you will encounter when selling your own house, will be in your own mind.

There is nothing you can't achieve if you set your mind to it. And, it is a good thing that these problems are in your mind... because that way you are in control. Having advance warning of possible problems when selling your own home, will make the ideas discussed in this blog much more useful to you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

House selling or buying: Communication is the key

It you are using a real-estate agent, keep those lines of communication open. Some agents are not all the time upfront with the seller. For any number of reasons, the real-estate agent may keep potential problems to his or herself. They might not communicate the concerns they have.

In this type of circumstances, the seller might be wrongly led to believe that the property will sell. When in reality, the home seller could be waiting forever!

Both the seller and the real-estate agent have a responsibility to each other, to keep the lines of communication open. If the agent and the seller stop communicating, or worse still, start verbally abusing or blaming each other - the intended sale will be the victim.

Both the seller and the agent must stay focused on the goal - to get the best price in today's market.