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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prepare financial breakdowns in advance

Prepare financial breakdowns in advance

Your lender or mortgage specialist can help you with this too. It is important to be able to show potential buyers what it would cost to buy your property and what their monthly payments are likely to be. Financial and cost breakdowns are important, because they should give your buyer the necessary assurance to write a contract.

Buyers often use "a lack of financial information" as an excuse for not writing a contract. Buyers are generally unprepared - so do your homework in advance.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pre-qualify your buyers

Don't waste valuable marketing time on a buyer who can't get a loan. Pre -qualifying interested buyer's is essential and it is something your banker or mortgage specialist should be able to help you with.

For example each time I have sold a business, I've always asked for a letter from the potential buyers banker, before releasing commercially sensitive information I would always ask for an assurance that the buyer has access to sufficient funds to purchase the business. I would always say to the buyer, "I want proof that you have the ability to buy my business."

Selling a property is somewhat similar. It is imperative that you pre - qualify an interested buyer. It would be stupid to let someone who is not able to get a loan, tie up your house sale up with a contract that is never going to be finalized. That would be a waste of everyone's time and could potentially lose you a genuine sale by a genuine buyer.

A mortgage specialist could give you guidance as to whether a buyer can afford to buy your house. They will be able to tell you if the buyer would qualify for a mortgage and if it is worth proceeding further with the transaction.